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31 & 32
Generating More Web Site Traffic With Press Releases and Bonus Offers

33 & 34
How To Get More Website Traffic From Text Links and Viral Ebooks

35 & 36
Getting Free Web Traffic By Tagging Photos & Images and By Being A Content Producer

37 & 38
Getting Targeted Site Traffic From Blog Comments and Mini Courses

39 & 40
How To Get Traffic From Podcasts and "Add To Favorites" Script

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I know because I use it. I consistently average roughly $300/day in profit because of this ebook and I only promote one product. And I have only been using his product for 4 months.

You people that knock paying for good products tend to knock ANY product just because you are too lazy to implement what they teach. You want a secret formula or a back door to wealth. It doesn't exist.

Steven is the real deal. I have exchanged emails with him about my campaigns before and after I bought his product and his advice is not generic and unspecific garbage. It is accurate and detailed and it works. And I know from his emails that he uses what he teaches.

If you can't get past the fact that he sells his secrets, then oh well. Competition is a joke to him at his level. Since what he teaches takes effort, he knows full well that most people won't do it. So why not make a few more bucks and help others who really want to learn?

If you are looking for a get rich quick, I suggest you forget about it, close your wallet and go back to your job. Don't look to make huge money anywhere without putting forth the effort.

And for you people that knock any random product, do everybody else a favor. If you haven't used a product before, and used it properly, then don't bash it to make your own failure feel justified."

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