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Tip 13: Write Articles and Start Submitting them!

If you haven't heard about article marketing, then you must be new to website traffic generation. Writing articles and submitting them to directories is one of the most powerful traffic techniques there is. It's really quite simple; you write an
article, add your website link to the Resource Box, and then submit it to article directories. That's it!

Keep in mind that the articles have to contain some sort of useful information. You can't go on a rant about how much you dislike a movie or a certain T.V show; that's what a blog is for. Articles should contain information that is enlightening to the reader. Information that they will read and walk away thinking "Wow,  I didn't know that" or something similar. Just like your website itself, articles need to contain high quality, unique content.

Also, for an article to bring in traffic it has to entice the reader to visit your website. This can be very difficult if you don't know anything about article marketing; especially if you don't know your target audience. Writing an attention grabbing "Resource Box" takes a bit of skill and quite a lot of finesse. You can't come out and say "PLEASE VISIT MY SITE! YOU WILL LIKE IT!" You have to peek their interest and let them know that they will benefit from visiting your site. Intrigue them, entertain them, scare them, and do whatever else you have to in order to get them to your site. In short, use your imagination.

Once you have your articles written, submit them to some of the big name directories. I have listed a Few Below.  (BEST IN THE BUSINESS)  (Interent Marketing only)

Some people say quantity, others say quality; I say both. Writeas many as quality articles you can and start submitting them. The more you write, the more of an "expert" you become. Get labeled as an expert in your field, and you will have traffic out the wazoo.

My Experience
Honestly, I found out about my "Resource Box" the hard way. It turned out that I was doing exactly what everyone else was doing; and unfortunately, everyone else was doing it wrong. After hearing so many stories about people getting thousands of visitors from one article, I tried to do it myself.

After several months, I was getting no where. I had written 40+ articles and was getting less than 30 visitors a month. I talked to a friend and he decided to read over a few of my articles. It took him less then a minute to figure it out. He simply said "It's the Resource Box" and it was the biggest breakthrough in my article mareting career.

Not too Long after that, I found a great guide that helped me become a better article marketer, which helped me write a better Resource Box. It cost me $29, but I was glad I got it because all my articles started bringing in a heck of a lot more web site traffic. I have included the link below just in case you wanted to take a look at the website.

Article Marketing Domination

If you want to be a better article marketer, my advice is to buy Article Marketing Domination. It turned me into an Article Marketing Pro, and I'm sure it will do the same for you. At only $29, it's quite a steal.

Tip 14: Don't Just Submit to Directories, Submit to Newsletters!

Although writing articles and submitting them to directories is important, submitting to newsletters may be even more important. Finding newsletters related to your niche is crucial to your traffic generating needs. Not only will you be able to find out what techniques they use in their newsletter, but you will also have a chance to offer your articles as content. A newsletter has targeted prospects that want information, which means your article will interest them at some level. All you have to do is get the article to them.

Contact the E-zine/newsletter publisher and let them know that you want to write content for them. You don't have to come right out and say it; you can actually build a relationship with them first. Join the newsletter, ask him/her questions, and generally be interested in the topic (which shouldn't be hard). You don't have to suck up to them or anything like that; you just have to show them you are deeply interested in the topic.

After a few days, let them know of your intentions and how you would be honored if they would publish some of your content in the newsletter. As long as the article contributes to the newsletter and is not a watered down, recycled piece of garbage, the owner of the newsletter will happily oblige your request. Offering a publisher an exclusive article is even more effective, as they will almost always accept. Just get one article into their newsletter and it won't be hard to get a second or even a third.

Do this with as many different newsletters as you can. The more circulation your article gets, the better. Just think about how much website traffic you could funnel to your site from a newsletter that has 10,000+ subscribers.

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