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Tip 15: Start Writing Articles For Other Websites!

Submitting your articles to authority sites is where the real traffic lies. Authority sites usually have thousands, or tens of thousands, of links that lead back to them. Having your article displayed on one of these Search Engine Optimized sites gives you massive credibility with the search engines. Your ranking will literally skyrocket with enough backlinks from authority websites.

You just need to find related sites, which are hugely popular, and then submit your article(s) to them. The links on authority sites are highly targeted, so both people and the search engines love them to death. Of course, the rules of article marketing still apply when submitting to authority sites: good information, unique content, and a captivating bio box.

It may not be as easy as submitting to an article directory, but it is definitely worth it! Find authority sites, submit your quality articles, and then sit back and watch the website traffic come in.

Tip 16: Post Your Ads In Forums!

Do a Google search with "Your TOPIC +forums". You should be able to find at least 3-4 different forums that you can post in. Sign-up with each of those forums and look for a Free Ads Folder. Most forums have a Free ads section to accommodate their members, so finding it shouldn't be hard. However, don't expect to get amazing results from doing this.

If you have an ad ready, then just start a new thread, copy and paste it into the text area, and then click post. If not, just write a short paragraph or two explaining the benefits of your website and what you offer. Since it is an ad and it's in the right section, you won't have to worry about it being deleted or you  being banned.

Don't spam the forum! Do NOT post your ad in other sections; otherwise people will see it as blatant advertising and you will be banned. Plus, nobody likes a spammer.

Is this actually effective? Probably not as much as some people think. But you'd be surprised at how many people check out the fre.e ads section from time to time to see if there are any great offers. And at the very least, the other people posting ads will be able to see yours. It probably won't amount to a lot of traffic, but every little bit helps.

And just so you know, the forums don't necessarily have to relate to your niche for you to post your ad; but it does help.

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