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Tip 21: Answer Questions on Yahoo!

Go to........

Do you see all the questions and different categories there? Yes? Well, then start answering them! Find questions related to your website and answer them as honestly and accurately as possible. With every answer you post, you are allowed to include your sources, which is just another name for links. Your source will be a link to your website.

Find a question, answer it, add your "sources", then rinse & repeat. If your response is chosen as the "best answer", it will receive special treatment over the others. This means more people will see your answer and your website link; hence, a higher traffic potential. Do your best to answer each question. Remember, you want to be seen as an expert on the topic.

Quick Tip: Make sure you're answering the right questions! If your website is about computer software, you should stick to computer related questions, not gardening ones.

Tip 22: Offer Your Content to Your Visitors!

Allow visitors to reprint your articles on their website, and make sure that they can do so easily. If they want to add your article to their site, they must copy it AS IS and then put it onto their website. At the end of the article, they must include the source box (provided by you) and that will link back to your website. If anyone reads the article, they'll see the link at the bottom and be tempted to click. Bingo, more targeted traffic headed your way!

This is just like asking webmasters to post your article on their site, except without the asking part. You won't have to go to them because they will come to you. Free Web Site Traffic and more backlinks without any work! Honestly, what more could you ask for?

Some people request that anyone using the article(s) get in touch with them first, just so they know the article is being used elsewhere. This isn't a bad idea, as you would be able to track who is and isn't allowed to use it.

Although this can be a great way to get more free traffic and more backlinks, it is also a hot potato issue due to the "duplicate content" debate. Basically, the author of the article has to weigh the pros and cons of offering his content to visitors. If the traffic he's getting from the search engines outweighs what he would get from "visitors' websites", then it might not be a good idea, and vice versa. You really just have to decide if it's worth the (supposed) duplicate content penalty.

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