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Tip 23: Get Quality Website Hosting!

There are numerous horror stories about webhosting and how it can literally destroy the reputation of your website from top to bottom. Some stories are less graphic than others, but they all paint the same picture: Get web hosting you can count on or DON'T even bother creating a website.

It's not an exaggeration; your website literally revolves around your webhost. If they have problems, your website will have problems (usually). So your best bet is to go with the least problematic web hosting service that you can find.

You should never use free web hosting for your website. Why? It just isn't safe. Yeah, there are a few reliable, free webhosting services out there, but those are few and far between. Plus, with free webhosting, you don't have nearly as much freedom as with a paid hosting account.

If you are having trouble choosing a reliable webhost, then try Hostgator for a month or two. I have been using them for years now and it's been a truly great service for every one of my websites. If they can't satisfy you, you're going to have a tough time finding a web hosting service anywhere else. I have included a Link to their Website Below, Take a Look......


Quick Note: If Google's spiders come across your site and it is down due to hosting problems, then your site may be erased from the index without a second thought. Don't let that happen; Get a reliable web host!

Tip 24: Join Email Discussion Lists!

Email discussions are quite similar to forum discussions, just without the virtual meeting place. Simply contribute what you can to the discussion list and then slowly slide in your website link.

Discussion lists do not appreciate, nor do they tolerate blatant advertising. Remember that fact before you start firing away with your website URL. The best thing you can do is study the emails you get and see how well the links are implemented. Most of the information found in discussion lists will flow nicely and it will feel like the link naturally belongs in the Email. Most people can tell when a link is forced; so do your best to camouflage it and make it look as though it really belongs.

Do a Google search with "your topic +discussion list" and you should find a few lists that meet your requirements. Join as many as you wish and then start contributing.

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