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Tip 25: Create a E-book and Give it Away!

You are living proof that this works! I offered you some free E-books and a few months worth of traffic tips and you came to my Website and signed up. Told Ya it Worked!

Want to know the really good news about this? Everyone does it, including me! We all visit websites that offer free reports because we all like to get things for free. Do you see the awesome power behind this technique? Good, your ahead of the game; now you need to start using this method on your website.

Write about what you know and then offer that information as a gift to your visitors. Your free report doesn't have to contain award winning information to be a success. All that matters is that the information is displayed in a very clear and precise manner. Therefore, you shouldn't stress (too much) over whether or not people will like your free E-book. Just get it done and get it out there.

Either offer the report as a bonus for joining your newsletter or add it to your website as a free "complimentary" download. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure the report can be easily accessed.

Profiting from the report should also be one of your goals. Although it is mainly to inspire confidence and get targeted website traffic, there's no reason why you shouldn't try to profit from it as well. All you have to do is place some affiliate links throughout the report and make them look natural.

Don't know anything about writing or creating an E-book? Well, I didn't either when I first started. It isn't common knowledge so you'll have to learn how to do it on your own. If you want to skip the research and save hours of time on trial & error, then just pick up a copy of the 7 Day E-book Guide. It will teach you how to write an E-book from start to finish and then get it published, all in less than ONE week. I have included the Link Below if you're Interested.

7 Day E-book

Once you have created your free report, put it on your website and encourage your visitors/subscribers to give it to their friends. This can result in a lot more web site traffic.

Quick Note: Your website URL should be on every page of the report. Put it in the footer of each page, with your name attached, so that it looks professional.

Tip 2: Submit your Free E-Book to E-Book Directories!

Most E-book directories get loads of traffic, usually from people seeking freebies and great deals. Just upload your Report to one of these directories and hope it starts getting downloaded by people. The more people who download it, the more traffic & sales you will reel in. In case you don't know, don't submit the same cookie cutter report that everyone else submits. Be Original and Creative!

If you are offering the same E-book as bonus to a newslettersubscription, then that may hurt your sign-ups in the long run. It is usually a good idea to use original reports as incentives to a newsletter, not something that people can download for free elsewhere. Just keep that in mind.

Do you want the Report to be successful? Then you have to convince people to choose your report over all the others on the directory. To do that: use Catchy Headlines, Unique Titles, Weird Sayings and whatever else you can in order to grab their attention. Once you've got it, your E-book and website will handle the rest.

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