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Tip 27: Let Them Put Their Affiliate Links in Your Report!

Confused? Don't be. All I'm saying is that you should make your reports brandable. This is a great way to encourage your visitors to distribute the report for you. Since they get something out of it (money), they will be glad to give the report to their friends, as well as to complete strangers.

Think about all the traffic you could generate from hundreds of other people spreading your report around the web; not to mention all the money you would make from sales!

"Now I'm really confused. I thought they were making the sales, not me?" They are, but you are too. To do so, you will need to promote 2-tier affiliate programs. This means that when they sign-up under you and start making sales (by giving away the report), you get a percentage of their commission. Money and Website Traffic with no work; it really doesn't get any better than that.

"There's a Catch Isn't there?" Yes, unfortunately. In order to make a brandable report, you have to use the right software; otherwise you would probably lose out on both the traffic and the sales. Don't be alarmed though, as you won't be forced to pay $300-$500 for some fancy piece of software. As a matter of fact, you'll usually pay less then $100. Less than a hundred bucks for the opportunity to generate thousands of visitors and make thousands of dollars. Honestly, it's a no brainer.

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Tip 28: Optimize your Online Profiles!

No, I'm not talking about putting in the right email address or adding a picture to your profile to make it more pleasant. I'm talking about using keywords in your profile that relate to your website so that you can get more traffic.

You have already joined some forums (if you have listened to any of the previous tips), so now all you have to do is add some keywords to those profiles. Add them to your signature and your "about me" box. If you can manage it, even use them in your forum name.

Have a basketball website? Choose a name like "Basketball Tips & Tricks" or even "King Of Basketball Tricks". People may think the name is a bit strange; but who cares, it's only a name. And in reality, weird is GOOD. If you saw someone with a shark head (VERY WEIRD), would you look at them or turn away? Same concept here; the more attention, the better.

Search engines will index pretty much everything and anything they find, so a profile that includes some lucrative keywords could potentially pull in a nice amount of website traffic.

Quick Note: You can use more than just forum profiles. You can optimize your blog profiles, your "video" profiles, your gaming website profiles, and any other type of profile you can think of.

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