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Tip 29: Get Traffic From Adsense!

"Huh, did Google Start something new. I didn't hear anything about it?" No, they didn't. It's true that adsense is for earning money, but that doesn't mean you can't exploit the adsense website. "Huh, I still don't Get It?" Okay Let me explain....

Go to.......

Do you see all the different questions that are there? Good, now start answering them. In case you haven't caught on yet, this is just like Tip #21 (Answer Questions on Yahoo!), except it's with Google.

Remember: Always answer questions as honestly and accurately as possible.

Create posts that are short and sweet and you'll surely get plenty of attention. Long posts will get attention too, but they can bore the reader after awhile (plus they don't flatter your URL much). Whether your post is long or short; always make sure the answer you give is "GOOD". That means you shouldn't make something up and hope people will believe it. Someone might believe you, but eventually people will catch on to your bullsh....

If you don't know anything about Adsense (hopefully you do), then just post your honest opinion without being too "rant-ish". At the end of each & every post, add your website link (URL, no anchor text). As long as it doesn't look like blatant advertising, your post will be fine. Your website URL may look a bit unnatural, but don't worry about it, so does everyone else's.

Quick Note: The people there are interested in Adsense, so websites pertaining to Adsense will be more effective than non-adsense sites. However, you never know what people are interested in, so there's no harm in trying.

Tip 30: Be a Forum Moderator!

By now you should have at least signed up with a few forums; you may have even created your own forum as well. Well, now it's time for you to moderate a few of those forums. Are you wondering what's in it for you? Traffic, of course.

You have probably heard that being a forum moderators is a volunteer job and it comes with no pay. That fact is true and there is "usually" no salary for forum moderators. However, forum moderators do get paid. It might not be with money, but it's payment nonetheless. That pay is in the form of advertising benefits. These benefits may not be true for all forums, but it certainly is for many of them.

In exchange for being a moderator, you will be allowed to advertise your website through the forum at no cost. The exact details & specifications of your website advertising will be left up to the forum administrator, but either way, make sure you are getting what you're rightly owed.

The amount of advertising benefits you receive should directly relate to how much moderating you actually do. If you only moderate a small section of the forum and only do so for a few hours every week, don't expect to get the biggest and most notable banner ad. Then again, if you are constantly moderating the forum and doing a good job, you should get a nice ad or link somewhere very noticeable.

The more popular the forum, the more valuable the ad space is. Keep this fact in mind when choosing forums to moderate; not to mention, how much effort you should put into your moderating. Don't worry about being accepted as a moderator either. Why? Because most admins love it when people volunteer all on their own. Just make sure you have a few posts under your belt before asking for a moderator position. That way, your "application" is much more appealing.

Quick Note: Do some tests with different forums. If you notice a significant amount of traffic coming from a particular forum, the devote more time to it. If any of the forums aren't generating website traffic for you in the least bit, then stop moderating them and move on to a more popular one. If you want to help out, that's completely fine and actually quite nice of you; but remember, you're in this for the traffic, not for charity.

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