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Tip 3: Try Buying the Wrong Domain Name!

Every single day hundreds, if not thousands, of people type in the wrong domain names. It doesn't even matter if the website is hugely popular, like or, people still make mistakes and type in the wrong web address. If it happens to the big wigs, like paypal or eBay, it will definitely happen to you. So what can you do about it? Well, you can buy a few "wrong" domain names.

What is a wrong domain name? A Wrong Domain just means that the URL they typed was incorrect and the person was led to the wrong website (usually an error page). By buying that "wrong" website domain, you can redirect people to the "right" domain and benefit from those errors. It is possible to generate a lot of free traffics hits from "wrong" domain names; you just have to know what misspellings to target.

For Example:

Remember, you don't have to buy every "wrong" domain there is, as that would be VERY expensive. Just get a few of the more common ones relating to the domain and that should do just fine. Follow the examples above if you ever get confused.

Once you have purchased the "wrong" domain names, be sure to redirect them to your website; otherwise you will just be wasting money. Most domain registrars make domain redirecting a breeze, so you shouldn't have a problem.

Tip 4: Your Website needs Unique, High Quality Content!

You have heard it before and you will hear it again, Content is King. By having unique content on your site, you are already ahead of half the competition. Quality content goes along way, but unique & quality content goes even further.

People love useful content, and that goes double for search engines. Put up lots of informative, keyword rich content on your website and the traffic is guar.anteed to roll in. With all the crap content out on the net, it doesn't take much to get to the top. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm just saying that with unique, quality content the job isn't nearly as difficult.

The content on your site doesn't have to be revolutionary, it just has to be different. Present the information in a way that is different from others and people will definitely notice. Solve a problem, explain a process, or express your opinion (accurately & honestly) and people will flock to your website to acquire some of your valuable expertise. If they don't have a reason to show up to your website, then they won't, period!

Remember: Content is King! So if you want to be a successful webmaster, then you need to become a King of Content!

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