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Tip 31: Start Writing Press Releases!

Many website owners underestimate the power of a good press release, thereby causing them to lose out on a lot of traffic potential. Then again, other people are just lazy and don't want to learn about press releases or how they can improve their website traffic by using them. Fortunately, your not like those people and you will do all that is necessary in increase your web site traffic; which would include writing attention grabbing, keyword rich press releases.

Think of a press release as a newspaper ad, which can reach thousands of people and generate tons of interest. Your goal is to get people to notice this "ad" and be drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It really isn't all that difficult; you just need a catchy headline and a strong motivational point that urges the reader to click on your link.

Unlike articles, which can last months and even years, a press release is built for sudden and large blasts of website traffic. It won't last forever, but it should amount to more regular visitors and a decent subscriber increase to your mailing list (if you have one that is).

Do you think press releases are only for "special occasions"? Well, there not! You can actually write and submit press releases no matter what is going on with your website. Are you: adding a new section? updating an old section? adding better customer support service? switching over to a more reliable hosting plan, which will result in less downtime? lowering your prices? offering a free trial to your software or service? Well, then you should write a press release and let the internet world know about it. After all, people love hearing about "new" things!

Writing a press release and distributing it takes time, especially if you don't know where to begin. Well luckily, there is a tool that can help you write and distribute your press releases all over the internet within just a few days. It's called Press Equalizer and you can take a look at it below.

Press Equalizer

You know by now that I don't usually recommend something unless I think it is worth your time AND your money; so take a moment to check it out and see why I have recommended it. If you plan on doing any press releases in the future, then this is a really great tool to add to your website traffic generating "toolbox". Don't take my word for it though, visit the website and see for yourself.

Tip 32: Start Coming Up with Different Bonus Offers!

Try Offering your visitors daily or weekly bonuses. Your visitors will want to check back every day/week so that they can get some valuable bonuses. Set up a webpage that displays the daily/weekly bonuses and explains how visitors can get access to them. Put an opt-in form on that page so your visitors can sign-up and be notified each time a new bonus is available (great time to start building your
mailing list!).

Bonuses can be free E-books that you have been branded with your affiliate links. Bonus offers can also be E-books and software packaged with resell rights. Obtain the resell rights to software and you can sell it or give it away, for free. Plus, you can also give your visitors the resell rights and let them sell it or give it away. Trust Me, no one can pass up Free Software, or Free E-books for that matter!

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