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Tip 35: Start Uploading, Tagging, and Sharing Those Photos!

Pictures can be responsible for a lot of targeted web traffic, especially pictures that display a clear message or focus on an obvious topic. The best way to capitalize on that web site traffic is by joining photo sharing communities and uploading your pictures.

Once you have joined one of the more popular sites, like, begin uploading and tagging your photos. This will allow the search engines to find it more easily and they will actually list it under "search results" because of the keywords you choose. People don't even have to be searching through images to find your picture, as it will be listed in the Google search results. This may not seem like a big deal, but an image that gets on the first page of Google, much like a webpage, will generate lots targeted site traffic.

This technique can be very powerful, but don't spend all your time on it. Why? Because it takes more luck than knowledge to score big with a photo. And, like so many of the other tips, this is an Extra Traffic Stream, not a Main Stream.

Quick Note: Be sure that your Tagged Photos have the appropriate keywords. Otherwise, they won't generate any web traffic for you.

Tip 36: Become a Content Producer For Other People!

Obviously you should still produce your own content and update your website with fresh material as often as possible, but there's no reason why you can't do the same for others. Why would you do that? Well, to get traffic, of course! Although some people do this for pay, you would be doing it for traffic (maybe even both if you're really good).

You've read magazines that have a page or 2 devoted to a certain person, whom is considered to be an expert on the topic he is discussing. This person talks about an issue and gives advice to the readers. Readers slowly grow attached to this person and want to read their section every time they get a new issue. Well, that "person" is going to be you; you'll just be using a website instead of a magazine. Basically, you'll be working as a columnist for the website. You will have to offer advice, hints, information, solutions to problems, and/or other things relating to the topic on a regular basis. Otherwise, the website won't keep you as a columnist for very long.

Visitors of that website will see your weekly "commentary" and will grow accustomed to seeing it each week. The more they read, the more you become an expert in their eyes. The more of an expert they see you as, the more willingly they'll follow a link to your website. See the pattern?

As you can see (once again), it's all about spreading the word about yourself and getting labeled as an expert in your field. If you can do that, then the web site traffic will take care of itself!

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