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Tip 43: Add an "About Us" Page to Your Website!

An interesting about us page can go a long way toward generating website traffic. It doesn't have to be a 20-30 page autobiography about you and/or your business either. It can be a relatively short page that tells a little about you, your website, and/or how your business started up.

You don't need to go into great detail about every little event in your life, just a few things that will interest the readers. After all, no wants to read a long boring story about someone they don't know. So, list a few things, keep it interesting, and rap it up before they get bored. If you can do that, then your "About Us" page will be a success.

Although the page will be a nice read for your daily visitors, it wasn't created for them. The page is really for other experts, columnists, reporters, and journalists that want to get an interview with you. Unlike politicians and movie stars, whom usually don't want to be bothered with frequent questions and bothersome interviewers, webmasters love interviews because they can result in HUGE bursts of traffic.

The information on the "About Us" page will probably be the backbone of most of their interviews, but they may still want to ask you a few questions. They'll ask about your business, how you got started, advice you would give to others, and anything else they can think of. However, if they want ask you anything, they have to contact you first. This is why it is crucial to have up-to-date contact info on the "About Us" page. Think about it: If they can't contact you, how are they supposed to interview you?

Whats so good about an interview?

It can generate lots & lots & lots of targeted web site traffic; especially when interviewed by another big name expert. Why? Simply because most of the reporters are not interviewing you for personal reasons; they're doing it as part of their business and/or job. Therefore, your interview will probably be publicized for everyone to read. Even though each situation will be different, the majority of the reporters and columnists will use the interview to pursue their own goals. Honestly, their goals don't matter. All that matters is the website traffic that you will recieve from the interview being publicized.

Quick Note: Don't wait around for someone to interview you. Start using some of the other techniques in the previous (and future) tips that I have given you. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, just move on. Not everyone with a website gets interviewed, so don't hold your breath.

Tip 44: Start Using E-Bay!

Although E-bay is primarily used to sell things and generate profit, webmasters can also use it to generate traffic for their websites. Many webmasters fail to utilize Ebay because they either think is it too complicated or it is just too much work. Well, I'm not going to tell you it's easy, but I can definitely say that it isn't all that complicated.

To get traffic from Ebay, you have to sell stuff (surprised?). Luckily, you don't have to search through your attic or raid yard sales looking for old, yet valuable, stuff to sell. Instead, you can just sell info products.

You heard me correctly. You can actually take any and all E-books you have and then sell them directly on E-bay. Of course, in order to do so, you must have obtained the Master Resale Rights of the E-book; but then again, if the E-book or Report was written by you, then that won't be necessary. Master Resale Rights are easy to obtain. Just do a Google search and you should find plenty of MRR sources.

I'm not going to explain every single step involved with using Ebay to generate traffic. Why not? Because I would probably need 30-50 pages in order to properly instruct you and I don't have that much leisurely time on my hands. However, I will tell you a few things to help get you started.

My Golden Rule: Don't Sell Your Info Products for a Penny!

Although they can generate some traffic and have some use, $.01 E-books are more of a liability then they are a help. When people see .01 cent products, they typically don't think high quality. They might be hesitant to try it just because they think it is a piece of crap and they would be wasting their "precious" time. That's not to say everyone thinks like that, it just means that it might possibly hurt the auctions success in the long term. Plus, selling .01 products will actually cost you money for each sale, which is due to listing fees, transaction fees, etc. It might not be much, but those costs add up after awhile. Some people actually do sell their E-books for just a penny, which implies that it does work to some extent. However, I advise that you don't attempt it until you become a bit more knowledgeable with E-bay marketing.

For pricing, I recommend staying above $2 and below $10. That way virtually everyone can afford the auction and you'll actually make some profit too. If your familiar with the rule of 7 when it comes to marketing, then be sure to always end your auction price with a 7 (such as 7.17, 15.97, 5.97, 2.67, 9.27). You may not understand why, but it's better for your conversion rate; trust me.

Selling singular E-books isn't a bad idea, but I prefer packages deals. A package deal is much more appealing because it magnifies the thought "more bang for your buck". Put a few E-books & reports together and call it something catchy like "Newbie's Guide To...", "Beginner's Guide To...", "Everything You Need to Know About...", "The All-in-One Guide to...", etc, etc, etc. If people feel that they will learn "everything" on a particular topic, then they'll be much more inclined to buy your E-book(s) .

For each of your auctions, your objective is to grab email addresses. This will allow you to communicate with the buyers and eventually get them to your website. You can even put the E-book download on your website so that they are forced to visit after they make their purchase. Either way, your #1 GOAL will always be to get the buyers to your website so that you can harvest their names and email addresses for your mailing list.

I think I have explained some of the basics pretty well. Unfortunately, most people need to know more than just the basics to succeed. If you feel that you still don't know what to do or where to start with this technique, then visit the link below. It'll lead you to a very powerful resource called "Auction Traffic Explosion". It's an E-book that explains all the details and steps involved with generating traffic & getting sign-ups from E-bay.

Auction Traffic Explosion

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