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Tip 45: Start Using E-Bay!  Part 2

Instead of just listing singular auctions, you can take it a step further and open up your own personal E-bay store. Opening a store does cost a small fee per month, but you will have more options & opportunities when it comes to listing your E-books.

With a store, it is much more acceptable to sell E-books for a penny; even though I told you not to in the last tip. Not only that, but you can list an assortment of other E-books and products without having to constantly pay for listing fees and other pesky things. In short, a personal store allows you to optimize your earnings and your traffic generating potential.

I'm not going to lie to you, I don't have any personal experience with E-bay stores. Although I have sold some E-books and reports on E-bay, I have never felt it necessary to open my own personal store. Why? Because I don't rely on E-bay as one of my primary traffic generators. I'm sure it's very powerful, as many of the people I know run their own E-bay stores, but like I said, I just didn't want to focus on it.

If your still interested in setting up your own E-bay store and selling E-books, then I recommend that you pick up a Copy of "Auction Traffic Explosion". I know I told you about it in the last tip, but I really can't stress how helpful it will be toward your efforts. It will literally teach you everything you need to know about E-bay and how you can generate traffic with your auctions.

Do me a favor, just take a look at the website (link below) and read over everything the E-book has to offer. It's less than $20 and it has a money back guarantee, so there's really nothing to worry about.

Click Here To Learn More About Auction Traffic Explosion

E-bay is an extremely large source of web site traffic, so you'd be absolutely crazy not to try to harvest it's AWESOME power.

Tip 46: Start Using E-Bay! Part 3

Once you have your account setup with E-bay, take a moment and update your "About Me" page. Use this to tell other people about yourself and your auctions. Briefly describe yourself, your business, and why people should buy your products and then finagle your website link into the page. It might not result in lots of website traffic, but every little bit helps.

E-bay allows you to place "favorite" links on your about-me page, so there shouldn't be any trouble finding a place to put it. Of course, you should still read over the guidelines and make sure you are following all the rules. As you well know.....It's better to be safe, than Sorry.

If your not actually selling anything, then the  "About Me" page might be a waste of time. You can go ahead and set it up if you want; but honestly, how many people are going to look at your page if you aren't actually selling anything? My advice: Either use E-bay to it's fullest potential or don't use it at all.

Remember, you're not going to become a "Master of E-bay" overnight, or in a week for that matter. In reality, it is going to take a very long time if your starting from scratch. However, if you want to get into action and speed through the learning curve, then I recommend that you pick up a copy of "Auction Traffic Explosion". Yes, this is the third tip in a row in which I am recommending "Auction Traffic Explosion" to you, but shouldn't that mean something?

I Want To Read Auction Traffic Explosion!

Please, just take a look at the website and decide for yourself. It's less than 20 bucks, has a money back guarantee, and it will teach you everything you need to know about generating more web site traffic from E-bay. Honestly, how can you afford to pass up the power of E-bay? I know I couldn't!

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