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Tip 49: Use Signature Files in Your E-mails!

This is a very basic tip, but it's surprising that many people forget to use signature files. With every email you send, you should always have a signature file attached.
This makes you easier to identify and people won't have to think "who's this and what do they want?" This may seem like a no-brainer, but many marketers simply forget or don't think it's a big deal. Well, I'm telling you right now, it is a big deal and it can result in more traffic to your web site.

Your signature file shouldn't be an autobiography; it must be short and to the point. All the signature should contain is your name, your website link, and a short description of your website and/or business. Do not turn it into some sort of ad, most people don't appreciate that, especially in an e-mail.

If you are having trouble coming up with a good signature, keep to this mindset: My signature is supposed to be a quick reminder to the reader of who I am and what I'm about. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Most E-mail services, both paid and free, allow you to attach an e-mail signature to your outgoing emails. This makes it much easier, as you won't have to manually add the file to the bottom of each one, which would be an enormous pain in the butt. I use Yahoo mail to send many of my emails, but I have heard that G-mail is just as good. Both of them have a signature file feature and they are both free to use.

Tip 50: Let the Internet World Know of Your Expertise!

I figured it was a good time to tell you this.....again. After all, you have made it more than half way through the traffic tips and you've already learned all sorts of
new & interesting ways of generating web site traffic. Well, it is now time to reevaluate yourself and your website and gage how much of an expert the internet world sees you as.

The biggest question of course is: Are You an Expert? I know you believe yourself to be one, but do others believe that. Do you solve problems and help people with their troubles (on your topic that is)? Does anyone recommend
your website as a reliable source of information on the topic? Do people come to you looking for answers? Is your website a place that people turn to when they need accurate and reliable information? When it comes to your topic, is your name a name that people remember and talk about? Those are a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself.

As you well know, there isn't some chart or ratings system that can classify you as "Non-Expert" or "Expert". Also, there is no direct method in which you can get answers to those above questions. So that means you will have to figure it out all on your own. How do you do that? Well, you must evaluate your traffic stats and determine if you are actually as much of an expert as you think you are.

Your website traffic (the stats) should speak for itself and give you all the answers you need. You'll know where the traffic comes from and how targeted the traffic really is. By thoroughly reviewing that information, you will be able to determine (in a round about way) how much of an expert people see you as.

Although you can never really be seen as "too much" of an expert, you will have to ultimately decide if you need to work on your image more or if you should move on to something else (meaning you are in fact an expert and people know your name).

Being labeled as an expert allows your site to stand out from the rest of the crowd, just like a name brand does for products.

Consider this: You come across two types of Toothpaste. One is Crest, which you know well due to the overwhelming amount of commercials that promote their expertise in tooth care. The other is "Bob's Dental Care Toothpaste", which you have never heard of or even seen a reference too. They are both priced at

So which brand of toothpaste are you going to buy? Well, if you're like every other consumer out there, Crest. Why? Because they are more trusted, you know their name, and you're convinced that they are more of an expert than "Bob", even if that isn't necessarily true.

It's all about getting into the heads of the target audience. Although people will occasionally buy products from the unknown Tom, Dick, and Harry, they will be much less hesitant to buy from someone they trust and consider to be an expert. If you can manage to fill that "Expert Slot" in the back their head, you are guaranteed to get their attention.

Get your name out there and start labeling yourself as "THE" Expert in your field. Get Started!

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