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Tip 5: You Need to Update your Website with New Content!

Yesterday, Content was King. Well, do you know what has changed? Nothing. Content is, was, and will always be King. However, you can not just add the content and be done with it. Sure, you might get some free search engine traffic for awhile, but without fresh, unique content, your website traffic will start to die down.

The more pages you have and the more keywords you focus on, the more web site traffic you will bring in. Why? Because search engines know which sites keep updated content and which sites do not. Which of these sites do you think search engines prefer? Outdated, recycled content that is put onto every other website OR fresh, original content that is updated on your website daily/weekly. The answer is obvious.

You don't have to update your website hourly or daily. Yes, doing it would be great for your website traffic and the search engines would love you more than anyone else, but that is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Instead, make it a habit to add new information at least once a week. Sit down and write 20 unique keyword rich articles and then add one to your site each week. Think about it....You'll have 20 weeks of fresh content ready for your site. After those 20 articles are gone, write 20 more, and then continue the cycle. Do this with every one of your websites and you CAN'T fail!

If Content is King, then Fresh, updated Content is the King of All Kings!

Tip 6: Submit to as Many Directories As Possible!

By submitting your website to some of the big name directories, you will be adding valuable backlinks to your site. These won't be the usual "valuable" backlinks either, they be the HIGHEST quality links possible. These high quality, extremely valuable backlinks will increase your ranking in all search engines throughout the Web; more specifically, your Google Ranking. And just like content, the more backlinks you have, the more the search engines like you.

Here is the Basic Equation....

More Backlinks= Better Search Engine Ranking= A Lot More Traffic

There are lots of free directories out there, but the really powerful ones cost some money. Start off with the fre.e ones and work your way up. If you're like me when I first started, you probably don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on fees for directory submission. Therefore, you will probably want to avoid the paid directories.

I'm not saying the fre.e ones are all you should use, I just think you should start with the free ones before moving to the paid sites. Get some practice and some solid traffic under your belt before trying to tussle with the big boys.

Don't Know where to start with your Directory Submission? Then Visit the Website below!

I admit that Yahoo is VERY powerful; but at a priceof $300, it gets a bit discouraging. If you're goingto pay hundreds of dollars, you had better know your stuff and have a well targeted website; otherwise, you'll just be wasting money.

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