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Tip 51: Appeal to the Masses and Start Targeting Different Trends!

You don't have to talk about every product or all discuss all the hot news. You just have to keep up to date with your visitors. Your visitors, like you, live in the "real" world where things change on a constant basis. What's hot one minute might not be hot the next. So, you'll have to find out what's hot and what's not so that you can jump on that potential web site traffic.

If you own an electronics oriented website, you should stick to electronics news. No one goes to an electronics website to hear the latest news about Paris Hilton and her latest fashion accessory. Therefore, just stick to what you know and what your visitors want.

Update your blog and website with news and facts about a new product or hot topic and keep your visitor's as interested as possible. Don't just say  "It's good" or "It's bad"; be specific and give a lot of detail on the new topic. Like any good webmaster would, research the topic or product and give a straight on, no bullshit, review about it.

It's all about appealing to the masses and getting them the information they need. Plus, by staying current with the latest fads and hot topics, visitors know that your site is fresh and constantly updated. A fresh site that is updated with the newest trends and fads  is a lot more appealing than a static site that displays old information on an extremely "thats so 5 minutes ago" topic.

When you hear the buzz on a new topic or product relating to your niche, start working on a webpage or blog post. The faster you act on an upcoming fad, the more traffic you can drive to your website.

Quick Example: When the iPhone first released, how many people do you think were doing daily web searches for iPhone information? I'll tell you how many, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people! Imagine getting just a small portion (even a tiny sliver) of those people to your website!

Tip 52: Create a Blog!

Blogs are a great way to keep your visitors up to date with new things about your site, a great way to communicate with your regular visitors on a more personal basis,  and as if that weren't enough, they can also generate your website a hefty amount of traffic to boot!

It's important to think of your blog as an extension of your website. Since you would never ignore your website, you should never ignore your blog. Ignoring a blog is usually not as devastating as ignoring your website, but it won't help your traffic nor will it help your credibility.

Just like your website, you should update your blog with fresh content and relevant information that will keep readers interested. Doing that will attract more readers that will visit more often, which means you 'll have more chance to promote your website and get them to click on your links (such as your affiliate links). Remember: A lively blog is a successfully blog!

If you are unfamiliar with blogging (which is unlikely), then let me put your mind at ease and tell you that creating a blog is free. You don't even need to know HTML. Go to the link below and setup an account. Within minutes, you'll be ready to set up your first blog and start making posts.

As an Added Bonus, I have Included a Free E-book That Will Help You to Start Driving More Web Site Traffic To Your Blog.

Blogging For Traffic

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