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Tip 53: Make Things Easier with Really Simple Syndication!

Really Simple Syndication, or more commonly known as RSS, is extremely convenient for people as they don't have to visit every blog they like in order to read the new posts. Why? Because the information is brought to them instead of the other way around. It's always much nicer to have the paper brought to you, rather then having to go get it yourself.

Make sure that your visitors know that they can subscribe to your blog with their RSS reader by clicking the small RSS button graphic. With one click, they will be able to keep up to date on all your posting and all your website related news, which will gradually encourage them to visit your website.

How does this help increase traffic? Well, even though a person might bookmark your blog, they might wind up forgetting about it. However, a RSS reader alerts the person to new posts that you've made and shows the person those posts with them even having to visit your actual blog. It's truly convenience at its best. And, if want to go that extra mile, you could even add a RSS to E-mail service so that people can get your new posts directly to their e-mail rather than to a RSS reader.

For More Information and Tutorials on How to use RSS Visit one of the Links Below.

Tip 54: Write 1 Article Every Day!

I know that I told you about article marketing way back in tip Number 13, but I think it's time to bring it up again. Why? Because writing articles is so unbelievably powerful that you would be a total nut not to try and cash in on all that potential traffic.

If you follow this tip (which you should!), then your goal should be to write 1 article every day. Just 1 article per day and it doesn't even have to be all that long. Aim for 350-400 words and then submit it to after you have completed it. Don't save them up in a stock pile and then submit them all at once; it's not as great of a plan as you'd think, trust me.

No matter what your schedule is, just take some time out,sit down, and write 1 article. In most cases, it will take less than 45 minutes to write, proofread, and submit. 30 articles a month may not sound all that simple, but it really is. After all, if you're passionate about your website and the topic that it covers, then writing 400 words a day will be a cakewalk.

Although you won't see instantaneous results, those articles will slowly build up with time. After 3 months, you will have 90 different articles promoting your website and generating traffic. After 6 months, 180 articles! Do that for a full year and you'll have a whopping 365 articles promoting your website and generating traffic. Imagine doing 2 or even 3 a day! is a great article directory (some say the BEST even), but you should really try to optimize each article's potential and get the most out of every one you have written. That means submitting them to more directories and getting them more exposure. It's not particularly hard to do that; you just have to know the ins and outs of article marketing so that you don't make too many mistakes.

Even though optimizing an article isn't necessarily hard, learning the ins and outs is. Why? Because of all of the trial and error that comes with article marketing. You might literally go through 100 different articles before finding a successful "writing method" and "bio box" to use. In all honesty, the last thing you want is for those 365 articles to be part of the "trial and error" process, am I right?

In that case, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of "Article Marketing Domination" and read it cover to cover. It was an enormous step in my article marketing success and I'm sure it will be for you too. If you're truly serious about your article marketing efforts, then I sincerely ask you to visit the Link below.

Read Article Marketing Domination Now!

Since article marketing is my favorite way to generate web site traffic, I've made up a saying and I think it fits pretty well here. You'll do well to remember it:

"If you go in blind and hope for the best, you won't get visitors like all the rest"

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