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Tip 55: Make Your Website Sticky!

What do I mean by that? Well, I simply mean that you should start adding sticky content to your website. Sticky content is anything that gets people to return to your website on a regular basis. So, in retrospect, I have been telling you to add sticky content all along. However, with Sticky Content, people return KNOWING that there will be something new for them to read, look at, or interact with. Hence, I have made this tip. It's a technicality, I know; sue me.

There are lots of different forms of sticky content. Most of them are generally associated with games, news, horoscopes, chat rooms, etc. In tip #51, I told you to target trends and talk about the hottest new products that have hit the market. In a sense, that could be considered sticky content. Also, in tip number 18, I told you to add a forum, which is considered to be sticky content. I'm sure I have already given you plenty of ideas for sticky content, so just pick one and run with it.

It shouldn't take much to lure people back to your site, you just have to think about what interests your visitors and what they would like to see. Maybe a "Deal of the Day" section would be effective, as it would urge people to check out good deals on a daily basis. Then again, You could always have a "Fact of The Day" section that gives miscellaneous facts about different things (make them funny, outrageous, disgusting, or scary. No one likes a boring fact). It's really up to you and the audience that you are targeting.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Tip 56: Let Your Visitors Tell Their Friends!

Friends talk all the time. Whether it is a funny joke, boring story, new T.V. show, or the latest episode of Family Guy, friends talk about everything. Well, why not give them a chance to talk about your website with a "E-mail a Friend" Script.

An "E-Mail This Page" Script will allow a visitor to simply click a link, enter in an email address, and then send the page to someone he/she knows. It's just more convenient than logging onto an email account and then manually sending the webpage.

Not everyone is going to use this feature, so don't expect a huge surge of targeted site traffic. I know that I don't email my friends every webpage or link that I come across; so why should anyone else? However, if the website is interesting enough, I will definitely tell someone about it and the same goes for other people. And that's exactly where this script comes in handy.

Implementing your own script can easily be done with the help of a programmer. However, programmers aren't always willing to help you out of the kindness of their heart; if you catch my drift. If you don't know anything about scripts (like me) and if you don't want to deal with programmers (like me again), then you can just use a free "copy and paste" style script for your website. I have included a Link below if your interested in a free script.

Quick Note: If your going to use a "E-mail This Page" script, then be sure to actually use it. Put it on every content based page within your website. You don't have to put it on every page; just the ones that are interesting to readers. Also, you're going to want the link to stand out. Not to the point that it is distracting, but to where the reader knows it's there.

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