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Tip 57: Advertise with Different Newsletters!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing ad space in newsletters. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to do so; under the right circumstances that is.

What are the right circumstances? Well, that's when the price is affordable, the newsletter subscriber base is plentiful, the ad space is large & noticeable, and the ad your using is eye catching. If all those things are present in the deal, then I recommend buying the ad space asap. If you don't, someone else will.

Lots of people try to buy ad space in newsletters to get web traffic, but most of them fail horribly at it. Why do they fail? Because they don't know how to effectively use newsletter ad space. Just slapping in a link to your website or sales page with a short ad saying "Visit My Site" won't do the trick. You might get a few clicks here and there, but those people aren't likely to become regular visitors. Hence, you need to take a different approach.

Instead of directing them to your website or sales page, direct them to a squeeze page (landing page, opt-in page, etc). The squeeze page will be used to harvest their email addresses and names so that you can communicate with them more directly. This will be profitable for you in the long run, and much more so than a "Wam, Bam, thank you M'am" type of visitor.

Obviously they aren't going to sign up and give away their email addresses for nothing; you'll have to actually convince them it's in their best interest. Luckily, that can be easily done with the right offer, such as a mini course or free E-book. If they like the offer (which is usually the case), they'll sign up and wait for the E-book or mini course; which will be sent promptly by your autoresponder. Yes, you do need an autoresponder, otherwise this technique simply won't work.

If by some chance you don't have one yet, I still and will always recommend Aweber because it's the best autoresponder service in the business. They're easy to use and extremely reliable. Take a Look at their Website Below.

Try Aweber Today!

Finding newsletters relating to your niche is very easy. Go to and enter in "Your Topic +Newsletters". You should get some directories and many other websites that can help you find some of the most popular newsletters. Not every publisher sells ad space, so don't expect to find a great deal within the first 10 minutes. Some publishers don't advertise that they have "advertising space" for sale, so you may want to contact a few of them and ask them if they do.

Quick Note: Be sure to join the newsletter first and read through some of the newsletter issues. Make sure it is a quality newsletter before doing business with the publisher. Otherwise, you'll likely waste your time and your money.

Tip 58: Start Advertising Your Website Offline!

You know all those people you see in grocery stores and on the street? Well, those are the people who visit the internet! That means you don't always have to come at them strictly via the internet. Instead, you can convince them to visit your website face to face.

Okay, maybe not actually face to face. I know if some lunatic came up to me and started shouting "VISIT MY SITE! VISIT MY SITE! VISIT MY SITE!", I'd slowly back away and get ready to run. However, there are numerous ways that you can tell people about your website without scaring them half to death.

How? Well, you could put an ad in some of your local papers. You can print out fliers and hand them to people as they enter grocery stores or other public buildings. You can make business cards and hand them to anyone you come in contact with. You could contact a local radio station and ask them for some airtime so that you can talk about your website and/or business. Trust me, there are a lot of options.

I once saw an idea that was truly original. It said to buy a pair of sandals and then get the bottom of them engraved with your website name. Then you would go to the beach and walk in the sand wearing the sandals. Each step you take would basically be an advertisement that beach goers would see. Honestly, if I saw a trail of footprints that had a website URL printed in the middle of each one, it woulddefinitely get my attention.

If you have some extra advertising money, why not try skywriting or sky banners. It's not as far fetched as it seems. Lots of people pay for skywriting services
because it can be a pretty powerful way of generating more web site traffic and getting attention. Think about it: how many times have you noticed a plane soaring through the sky?

Now, I want you to think about all the people who could look up from the beach and see a plane skywriting your website name. Think they would remember that? You bet they would.

I am not going to list every single offline advertising technique, so I'm just going to use my favorite phrase: Use your Imagination!

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