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Tip 59: Advertise Your Website Offline! Part 2- Getting Serious

There are so many ways to advertise offline that it makes me dizzy sometimes. In the last tip, I told you about many of the conventional ways of advertising offline and I also mentioned some of the unconventional ones. Now I'm going to tell you about an offline tip that is very powerful, but not as accessible. If you don't have an advertising budget or are afraid to try new things, then you may want to stop reading and just wait for the next tip. Why? Because this is a serious step in advertising your website and it's one that is not to be made lightly.

You've heard of television, right? Well, you can use it to increase web site traffic. I'm dead serious. You can actually use the television networks to generate traffic for your website. How can you do that? By using commercials and infomercials.

"Are You Crazy! Do you Know how much money that costs?!?"

No I'm not crazy (not today anyway), and No, I don't know how exactly much money it costs. I have a round about figure in my head, but every network & situation is different. Depending on your actual project, time slot, support, television network, graphics, and a million other different factors, you could wind up spending just a few hundred or upwards of a few thousand. It really just depends on your resources.

Honestly, this technique shouldn't be that shocking. Lots of different businesses and entrepreneurs use commercials and infomercials to generate traffic and get attention. It only takes a good idea and the right amount of planning to make it work. After all, the big name companies didn't start out with millions of dollars in an advertising budget. In actuality, they're a lot like you; they started small and then worked their way up. So don't think of a commercial as an "impossibility". Instead, think of it as a future and VERY possible goal!

Just Wait One Second....I'm not telling you to advertise during the Super Bowl or during a Hit T.V series like "The Closer". What you can do is advertise late at night on some of the less popular (local) T.V. channels and get a cheaper price. You're not Geico or Burger King; so don't try to force your way into prime-time, commercial slots.

During the wee hours of the night, there isn't a whole lot of people watching television. This means that the networks aren't being mauled with commercial offers by companies; hence, it is a great time for you to strike.

If you've ever watched T.V late at night, you know exactly where I am coming from. Not only are there commercials, but there are entire 30 minutes infomercials devoted to products and different niche websites. Admittedly, most of these infomercials are trying to make sales through their phone service, but they don't hesitate to put their website URL up on the screen to get more web traffic and sales.

Are you interested in infomercials and late night commercials? Then all I can say is: do some research! I'm not going to pretend that I know everything there is to know about commercials or advertising on television. But, I do know that it is possible and website owners like you do it every single day!

I found this Website recently (Link Below) and it seems like it could really help you to create a commercial. I have not had the chance to try out the service, but it does appear to be an interesting concept. From what I have read, not only can you use the commercial for actual television, but you could also add it to YouTube and get traffic that way as well. I think it's worth a peek, so check it out.

Custom TV Commercial

Quick Note: Advertising on T.V is not an "exact science", if you catch my meaning. The professionals who make a full time living analyzing television viewers and their habits don't have all the answers, so don't expect to become an expert overnight.

Tip 60: Don't be Too Serious. Be Funny & Amusing!

By doing something funny or amusing on your website, you can generate loads of free traffic hits. How many times have you seen something so funny that you just have to tell someone about it? My guess is plenty of times. Well, thats your goal: to do something funny and amusing that gets people's attention and practically forces them to spread the word.

The most important factor in this tip is too stay connected with the topic. If you're running a website about Gardening or Lawn Care, it wouldn't make much sense to create a funny video or story relating to basketball, would it? Remember, your goal is to get targeted site traffic, not spastic traffic (uninterested visitors).

Obviously, this is going to require some creativity on your part. I can't possibly tell you what will work and what won't work. Although, I will tell you that videos are much more powerful than words.

Quick Note: Most topics have something that you put a humor spin on; however, you will have know when to draw the line. A joke is just a joke, but sometimes it can be taken out of context by the readers, especially for serious topics like cancer, diseases, health problems, etc. My advice, either be completely outrageous and over exaggerate everything or don't bother trying to bring humor to the situation.

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