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Tip 61: Start Up Your Very Own Affiliate Program!

You heard me correctly; I want you to start up your very own affiliate program. By getting others to actively spread the word about your product or website, you can set your web site traffic on fire.

Setting up an effective affiliate managing system isn't a "1, 2, 3" type of deal. It takes time and patience to get one up and running, especially if you want to keep in touch with your active affiliates.  Not only does it take time and patience, but you actually have to know what your doing in order to manage your affiliates. If you don't, your affiliates won't get paid, you won't be able to track who sold what to whom, and you'll soon have absolutely no affiliates because no one wants to work with you. One small mistake could send your affiliates running for the hills.

Alright. Maybe setting up your own affiliate program from scratch is a bit extreme, especially if you have no prior experience. So, instead of setting up your own program, I recommend using Clickbank to manage your affiliate system.

How it works in a nutshell: you upload your product to the Clickbank marketplace and then affiliates find and start promoting it. Because it is so easy for affiliates to get affiliate links (without the need for personal info), you will get plenty of affiliates promoting your product; and much more so than if you operated your own custom affiliate program.

Clickbank, as far as I can tell, is one of the easiest and most powerful affiliate systems that you can participate in. Admittedly, Clickbank does have quite a few notable flaws, but it's better to just suck it up and deal with it rather than try to do everything on your own. Believe me, Clickbank may be a big pain in the ass at times, but they have the largest amount of active affiliates on the net.

If you want to get start getting affiliates right now, then visit the link below and sign up for a free merchant account with Clickbank. Anything else and you'll basically wind up on your own.

Click Bank

Tip 62: Tell your Visitors about the Hottest New Affiliate Programs!

Covering the hottest new affiliate programs is just like covering the hottest new products and fads; it can bring in tons & tons of traffic.

New affiliate programs that open up are really just like new products that hit the market. Everyone is talking about them and everyone wants to get in on the "action". This leads to lots of interest and internet searches, which you can easily capitalize on by creating a webpage that covers the affiliate program.

You can use these new affiliate programs in one of two ways. One, you can tell your visitors about the "product" and use your affiliate link to lead them to it. Or two, you can tell them about the actual "affiliate" program and then lead them there via your affiliate link. Either option works well because if they....

1- like the product, they will buy it and you will get a nice fat commission.

2- don't like the product but wish to promote it, you will still get a commission for each of their sales. (only works if affiliate program is two-tier)

1 or 2- The great thing is that whether they liked, disliked, hated, loved, or loathed the affiliate program/product, you still got traffic to your website; and that's a win in my book!

As always, stick to your niche and make sure the affiliate program compliments your website. You don't want to tell your visitors about an affiliate program or website that offers everything you do and more, especially if their price is at a fraction of your's.

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