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Tip 63: Make your Content Easily Accessible. Syndicate it!

A common misconception is that only blogs can publish material through RSS. In reality, you can syndicate your entire website so that it is "easier" to read and gets sent to subscribers on the fly.

The advantages of doing this? Well, the same as with a blog. Sometimes people just don't have the time to visit every individual website they want, so instead they get the content to come to them. If some of your visitors are in this "category", then you have to come up with ways that force them to visit your website; rather than just get daily updates from their "feed reader".

"How Can I Do That?" Are you serious? You really don't know how? Have you learned nothing over these 100+ days of tips? Okay then, I'll tell you one of the ways to get those people MORE interested in your website.

Obviously you're not going to syndicate every single webpage on your site. To do so would be, well, ridiculous. Instead, you are going to syndicate the really important pages of your website. The ones you know people will want to read on a daily or weekly basis. Within those pages, you will drop subtle, yet strong, hints about other tips, bonuses, and information throughout other areas of your website. If the hint is strong enough, the person will stop using their reader and visit your website through their browser. As I said, it doesn't take much, just a good hint or two.

All in all, even if you can't get them to your actual website, be grateful. They are a loyal reader and they signed up for your content for a reason. They like it! Keep giving them what they want and I guarantee you that they'll keep reading.

Tip 64: Sometimes It Pays To Be a Prick!

Okay, maybe "Prick" is a harsh word to use. Something in the asshole-"ish" range may be more appropriate. I'm not kidding. Being controversial, mean, and down right nasty gets attention. It's human nature to seek out those kinds of things.

Think about it: If you had to choose between watching a polite conversation between two celebrity stars or watching an increasingly hostile argument between two celeb stars, which would you rather watch..... honestly?

If you're like every other person, you would rather watch the confrontation. Why? Because it just grabs your attention more than a polite, yet boring, conversation would.

Did you see the video of those two guys smashing a newly bought $400 iPhone? Whether it was an actual iPhone or not is irrelevant. The fact in the matter is that just the idea of smashing an iPhone outraged people. Some people didn't care at all and others thought that the two men who smashed it should burn in hell for destroying such a beautiful piece of electronics. No matter what your opinion may have been, that video still got PLENTY of attention: 500,000 views and 3,000 user comments. (Could be more when you read this)

Have you heard of Ann Coulter? Well, if you've watched any news shows in the past, then you have undoubtedly heard her name mentioned once or twice. Ann Coulter has made some rather outrageous comments about a few different individuals and she has received a lot of attention for it.

Among many other things, Ann Coulter has accused Bill Clinton of being Gay, called John Edwards (presidential candidate) a "Faggot", and made light of 9/11 widows and their suffering (one of her first "widely" controversial acts).

Guess what; she is now a well known figure, she has a few books (some of which have sold very well), and most media networks and political figures know of her and her stance when it comes to politics. Why is this? Because she is so very controversial and her "bitchy" attitude gets her lots of attention.

As you can see, these are both great examples of how being controversial can generate buzz about you and your website. I'm not saying you should call out the President or other political figures and start slandering their name. All I'm saying is that you should think outside the box.

Think about what will get people riled up? Do you have something that will just drive people crazy with anger or blind rage? Can you cause people to stir up into a great big frenzy? Can you say something that will make readers grit their teeth and scream that your an asshole? Well, if you can, do it. It can reel in a LOT of web site traffic.

Quick and IMPORTANT Note: Once you have been labeled as an Outrageous Asshole, Unbelievable Prick, or Cast Iron Bitch, prepare to have that title for a long time. Going from prick to polite is an extremely tough transition. In actuality, it's a lot like the Dark Side in Star Wars. Once you start down the path to the Dark side, you can never return. Remember that fact.

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