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Tip 67: Use!

If you haven't been using, then you are definitely losing out on some great traffic. is basically a Web 2.0 site that allows people to share their goals with others. Once people have signed up, they can go through the numerous different topics and select "I've Done this" or "I want to do this". Each selection they make is then added to their profile and they start building up a rapport with the community. So where does generating web site traffic come in? I'm about to tell you.

With each topic or goal, people are allowed to submit comments. These comments can be anything from an opinion to stories to helpful advice. The best part about the comments is that you can-(I use the word loosely) submit website links with them. Hold on though. You can't just go spamming the place or else they will ban you on the spot. Blatant spam is easily noticeable, so don't kid yourself and think no one will notice that you are posting a link everywhere; I assure you, they will take notice!

Remember all those "helpful" posts you've made in other places (like Yahoo Answers)? Well, you're doing the same thing here: your being sly and making the link blend in with the comment. Just find some "goals" that relate to your website and start making comments. Tell a short imaginative story (one that people will believe easily) and then slide in your website URL. Do not mention it is your website either (sometimes it's alright). Just say that it is a very reliable source of information and it helped you out greatly with accomplishing the goal.

Does it matter which option you choose?- "I've Done this" or "I want to do this".

I really don't think so. With the "I want to do this" option, you may be able to add frequent comments giving the community updates with your, eh hem, progress. But other than that, I don't think it's a big deal.

Doubt the power of I know I did at first; so I don't blame you. If you do doubt it, enter in any of the phrases (with or without Quotes) below into Google. FYI: There were made them up at random.

"start my own business"
"make money"
"learn how to swim"
"become a bodybuilder"
"learn to garden"
"learn to cook"
"buy a house"
'Buy a boat"
"learn to sing"
"visit bermuda"
"play golf better"

Do you see what I am talking about? Each one of them is on the very first page of Google Search Results! Now just imagine if one of your comments were to become a featured entry. You could wind up getting website traffic out the wazoo. As you can see, is a very powerful resource.

Quick Note: Before you start posting comments and adding your URL, become an active member. Go through and choose some stuff that you have done, want to do, and then just honestly comment on those different things without putting in your website link. Keep in mind that when people see you as a true fellow member, they will trust you much more.

Quick Note-2: Be sure to use an inconspicuous name. If your website is about weight loss and your name is "weightlossguru", someone might see a connection with your comments.

I almost forgot to mention this..... avoid using "obvious" affiliate links. You may get lucky with one here and there, but affiliate links scream for attention. Just steer clear of them.

Tip 68: Use Traffic Exchange Programs!

Traffic exchange programs, also known as manual surfs and autosurfs, are a great source of traffic. Uh, maybe great isn't the word. Come to think of it, "good" is kind of a stretch too. I guess you could call it an Okay source of web traffic.

Why is it only "okay"? Well, because the web site traffic isn't targeted, not in the least little bit. Most of the members within these programs are just like you: they're trying to get other people to visit their website and they aren't interested in taking a tour of other sites.

Think about it. You probably aren't interested in viewing every website you come across, so why should it be different for any of the other members? This is the reason why you need to change your mindset and come up with a new strategy. Instead of using traffic exchange programs to generate crap traffic (one time visitors), use them to get more subscribers to your mailing list so that you can get better traffic (frequent visitors).

Confused? That's fine, just pay more attention to this part.

Most webmasters don't get any results with traffic exchange programs. Do you want to know why? It's because of how they approach the situation. They enter in their website URL and then they do some surfing. They get credits and then they use those credits on their URL. They keep doing this until they get some positive results. The only problem is the positive results never show up. Why not? Because like I said, the other members don't have to time to read every sales
pitch or website welcome page they come across. They simply wait for the 10-15 second timer to hit 0 and then they hit "NEXT". 15 seconds isn't a always long time, so you'll have to get their attention fast and get them to enter in their email address and name even faster. How can you do that? With a Squeeze Page of course!

By now, you should already have a squeeze page and it should be linked up with your autoresponder service (hopefully Aweber). If by some chance, you still don't have a squeeze page or don't know how to go about creating one, visit the Squeeze Page Masters website; link below. It's a great resource that will help you create a squeeze page, improve your conversions, and personalize your website for EACH & EVERY person that visits your website.

Squeeze Page Masters

Back to what I was saying......

Instead of putting your website URL in the "rotation", you're going to put the squeeze page URL in. This will allow you to quickly grab a surfer's attention and get his email address before he can click that damned "NEXT" button. Most people will gladly give up their e-mail address in exchange for fre.e E-books, software, or a well developed mini-course. Therefore, just offer them a juicy bonus or two and you should have no trouble getting their attention.

Visit This Special Section of My Site to See Some Traffic Exchange Programs.

Traffic Exchange Sites

Quick Note: Make sure your Squeeze page stands out. Come up with a good headline that grabs a persons eyeball and sucks it to the page. Believe it or not, I have seen successful Squeeze pages that actually insult the reader, like "Hey Stupid. Yeah, I'm talking to you Numbnuts" or "You're a Complete Idiot If you Ignore this Free Gift!" Obviously there are other headline techniques, so you'll just have to decide which type is right for you.

Quick Note 2: Don't devote all your time to traffic exchange programs. Join a Few and then build up some credits, points, tokens, or whatever the hell else you want to call them. A few hours every week is fine, but anymore than that and you are overdoing it; unless of course you get lots & lots of subscribers to your mailing list, then that's a different story.

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