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Tip 7: Start Submitting your Website To Niche Directories!

In the last tip, you read about big name directories and how your website traffic could greatly benefit from them. Well, now I want you to find niche directories and submit your website to them. Niche directories are just like the bigger directories, except for the fact that they generally focus on one topic rather than all of them.

Don't get it? Okay, here is a simple explanation. If your website is about weight loss and weight related problems, you would need to find a directory relating to that topic and submit your website to it. Get it? Good!

Go to and enter in "YOUR TOPIC +directories". You should get plenty of helpful results and some good directories that you can submit too. Pick a few and then start submitting. The more, the better!

Niche Directories are great because they are highly targeted, which is exactly what you want. The more targeted a niche is, the better your odds are for reeling in targeted visitors whom are actually interested in your website. Niche directories may not have the same amount of power as some of the bigger directories, but they still pack a nice punch when used effectively.

Tip 8:  Gives Your Images Keyword Rich Names!

Not many people know that they can bring in traffic just from their website images. Yes, that's correct, you didn't misread anything. If an image is named with the proper keywords, it can bring in a steady stream of site traffic. However, if you want to capitalize on that type of website traffic, then you have to know what words to use.

If you have a simple system for your website images, like btpic21 (boat picture 21), thats great. You are probably very organized and have little problem finding things in a hurry. But, if you want to get traffic from your website pictures, you are going to have to be more specific with the file name. Google doesn't know what btpic21 is, so they won't be listing it under "boat pictures". The image btpic21 would only be found if someone entered in those exact characters, which is very unlikely. Therefore, try to utilize keywords that relate to your topic and your pictures should be easily found by Google.

What's the significance of image traffic? Is the traffic any good? Well, it's hard to say. It really depends on your topic and what your website focuses on. Either way, it's free website traffic with no work, so you can't go wrong.

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