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Tip 71: Start Tagging Your Blog(s)!

Tagging your Blog is really just another name for social bookmarking, which allows readers to spread the word by adding your blog to social bookmarking websites. The more people that do that, the more traffic you will receive; although, that will only happen if people actually enjoy reading your blog.

Tagging a blog is a lot easier than you'd think. You don't have to be expert in HTML or website design to add social bookmarking tags; you basically just have to know how to copy and paste. Simply place the code, for the social bookmarking tags, at the bottom of each blog post and the tags will be seen by the reader.

Still don't have a clue? That's fine, I'll help you out. Look Below and you'll see some social bookmarking tags. Simply copy & paste the code and then put it at the bottom of each of your blog posts. You can even put it on your website if you'd like. That's it, you're done. Pretty simply, right?

Obviously, there are other, more specific factors when it comes to blog tagging; but for now, you should just stick to the basics.

Social Bookmarking Tags
<a href="

<a href="

<a href="

<a href="
nk/addblink.php&Description=INSERT TITLE&url=INSERTYOURURLHERE">Blinklist</a>

<a href=" TIT

<a href="
LHERE&title=INSERT TITLE">reddit</a>

<a href="
tp:// TITLE">Newsvine</a>

If you want to get get involved with even more social bookmarking websites, then visit the website below. They supply the code for many different social bookmarking websites free of charge, which should make your job a whole lot easier.

My theory for social bookmarking and blog tagging is that it is a simple, yet complicated, process. By that, I mean it's simple to do, yet complicated to get large amounts of traffic from. Is this a fact? No, not at all. Like I said, it's just a theory. So, you'll have to do it yourself and find out if the theory rings true, as well as whether or not blog tagging works for you.

Quick Note: If you'd like to skip the learning curve completely and get right into tagging your blog and generating traffic, which is what I suggest, then I recommend taking a look at "Bookmarking Demon". It's an extremely helpful software application that will help minimize your work load and maximize your traffic potential. Take a Look.

Bookmarking Demon

Don't want to buy it? Not a problem, as you can do everything manually on your own time and at your own pace. However, if you happen to value your time and want to save as much of it as possible, like I do, then I suggest giving the idea a little bit more consideration. It's great software and you should at least give it a chance to prove itself.

Tip 72: Don't Just Stop at MySpace, Use Them All!

When I say use "them" all, I'm talking about social networking websites. Just like MySpace, there are hundreds of websites out there that people use on a daily basis to communicate with one another. These people are truly ripe for the picking. All you have to do is get in touch with them and let them know about your website and it's wonderful uses.

Am I going to tell you how to utilize every one of them? No, sorry. That would take way too long. Hell, I might as well write an E-book and then sell it to the masses for a small fee. Instead of doing all that, I am just going to cut out all the crap and give you a link that lists all of the most popular social networking websites. You decide on which ones you want to join and which ones won't work out.

As you can see, not every one of those websites is going to work for you. You'll have to take some time and judge the target audience of each of those sites and then try to see if you can actually harness some of their traffic. If you think you're up to the task, sign up and start talking to people. After that, well, you should know the rest.

Quick Note: As I have said many times before, never spam. It makes you look bad, it's unprofessional, and people simply don't like spammers. Just don't do it.

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