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Tip 73: Start Getting Involved With Joint Ventures!

It's not hard for someone to generate website traffic all on their own, but sometimes it's just a good idea to get a partner, which is exactly where joint ventures come in handy.

Remember when I told you about buying ad space in newsletters? Well, this is similar to that. However, instead of buying the space, you will approach the newsletter publisher with a very enticing offer. This offer will involve giving them a free copy of your E-book or software and/or a nice slice of the revenue pie (from the traffic that the publisher brings in).

Why is this better than simply buying advertising space? Because the publisher takes a greater interest in promoting your website or product and you build up your business at the same time.

With the newsletter publisher actively promoting your website and/or products, you should generate a lot more sales than if you were to merely place a small ad in his/her newsletter. And if you're really smart, you will do as you have always have done and build a squeeze page to maximize your traffic gains.

I could endlessly go on about Joint Ventures and how powerful they are, but I just don't have that kind of time. What I will do is point you in the direction of the best Joint Venture resource I have ever come across. Take a Look....

Joint Venture Magic

As you can see, this Guy, Robin J. Elliott, knows his stuff. He is the founder of Joint Venture Magic and he can teach you everything there is know about joint venturing and how it can help you increase traffic and sales. If you truly want to have successful joint ventures, I suggest you consider purchasing his guide. For just $47, you get all of his expertise and a plethora of different bonuses. If you ask me, I think it's a steal and you'd be crazy not to check it out.

Quick Tip: Joint ventures are very powerful indeed, but you should always be weary of doing business with new people. Never let your guard down and always watch your ventures closely. There's no harm in trusting people, but make sure that the trust is earned instead of just blindly given.

Tip 74: Create Some Useful Software For Your Visitors!

Can't Create Software? Well, Then you're out of luck,Move Along.

Ha, That was a good one. Fooled You, didn't I? No? Well, I'll have to remember to get you next time. Alright, that's enough kidding around for now; time to get serious.

The truth is that you don't need to be an expert software coder to get useful software; you simply have to find someone who is and then pay them to create it. Discouraged? Don't be, because it's a lot easier than you'd think. There are plenty of websites that can assist you in finding people to outsource your software project to.,,, and are just a few of them.

Sign up, list a project, and then different fre.elancers will bid on that project. When you see a bid you that you think is reasonable, accept it and then contact the winning bidder. Bingo, you just found yourself a software programmer that can create software to your exact specifications. Pretty simple, do you agree?

Now that you know how to go about finding someone to create the software, you have to answer the next important question, which is: "what type of software should I create and why should I create it?"

The "why" part is pretty easy to answer; to generate more web site traffic. No one can resist free software, especially if it solves a particular problem or helps to resolve a specific issue. However, it's the "what" part that might give you some trouble.

There's no point in hiring someone to create software if no one is going to use it. It would just be a waste of money and time. Therefore, you're really going to have to find something that helps or entertains your visitors. I couldn't possibly think of all the different types of software that can be created; so you'll just have to do your best and use that creative part of your brain to come up with something original. Remember, you just need the idea; the software programmer will take care of the rest.

Quick Note: Creating software, whether it's downloadable or web-based, is a sure-fire way to generate more traffic and get people interested. Although, the word (usually) won't spread without you're help. You have to let people know that your software exists, and you have to tell them what it can do. Contact newsletter publishers, announce it on forums, create a press release, write articles, and do whatever else you must to get the word out. In retrospect, you are actually advertising your website by advertising your software.

Always keep in mind that "Visit My Website to Download This Free Software!" works a whole lot better than "Please Visit My Website, I'm Begging You!"

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