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Tip 75: Test Some PPC Campaigns!

Pay-per-click advertising can be a very powerful method of generating traffic. On the other hand, it can also be a very powerful vacuum that sucks up all your cash. Obviously, the first outcome is the one you are aiming for, and that is precisely why adequate testing is needed. It is extremely foolish to spend money on a PPC campaign when you have no idea how to utilize the traffic or what keywords you should target.

PPC advertising is all about the "lost to earned" ratio. Therefore, if you're not selling anything on your website or don't have any type of revenue stream that stems from your visitors, then pay-per-click might not be the best course of action. On the flip side, if you're website is in fact directed towards generating sales and income, you have to know how to monetize that traffic.

The best tip anyone can give you is to be as non distracting as possible with the landing page. The pay-per-click ad will need to grab attention of course, but the landing page must not have a lot of outbound links, or inbound links for that matter. If a visitor comes to your website and notices a lot of fre.e information, E-books, links, and other stuff, they might just read & leave; which is no good for you. As I said, keep it simple and limit their "wandering" options. To be safe, create a landing page just for your PPC visitors. That way, you can keep the "herds" separate and increase the value of your clicks.

Every pay-per-click visitor you get is someone that has indirectly taken money from you. They took one of your paid clicks, so you'll want to get the most out of their visit. This either means getting a sale out of each one of them or getting them to sign up for your newsletter/mailing list. The best outcome is when you get both the sale and the sign up, but either one is fine, alone. What you don't want is a person to click, visit your website, and then leave. If that happens, you wind up getting short changed; plus, if you're paying top dollar for your clicks, that will get pretty expensive.

Google adwords is perhaps the most well known pay-per-click "service" and seemingly the most powerful. However, that does not mean you can't get great results from other PPC sources. As a matter of fact, the prices on certain keywords for Google adwords might be substantially higher than for other pay-per-click services. So, I believe that mixing it up isn't all that bad of an idea.

If you're determined to stick with Google adwords, I really can't blame you. They do have the best service and give the most amazing results of all the pay-per-click companies. So, I won't hold you back. Instead, I encourage you to start a PPC campaign and I will even tell you about a system that helped me generate loads of traffic and catapulted my sales revenue to a whole new level. I am telling you this because I think it will do the same for you....

Find Out More Information On Google Money Pro

You've heard me talk and talk about different E-books and software as well as how much each one can help you. Well, this time I will let the system speak for itself. Just go to the website and look over what is offered. I promise you that you've never seen anything like this before.

Quick Note: A pay-per-click campaign is a lot like an investment. If you jump in blindly, you won't likely receive any type of return. On the reversal, if you do the proper research, study your target market, and know how to spend the money, you can walk away with a winning investment!

Tip 76: Have Determination!

Don't let a few bumps in the road slow down your progress. Unexpected things are going to happen and there's nothing you can do about it. You just have to go with the flow.

Do you think it was all smiles & happy days when I started trying to generate traffic? Well, If you do, you're nuts. I uttered quite a few "naughty" words when things didn't go my way (which happened a lot), but that's okay because I was DETERMINED to get the job done.

If you lack determination you will lack the will to get things done. So, no matter what happens, always tell yourself that you can and will accomplish your goal at any cost!

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