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Tip 79: Work In Moderation!

Don't try to tackle website traffic in one swift motion. Instead, work your way around the techniques and pick them off one by one, kind of like a sniper. Instead of doing article marketing, forum posting, link exchanging, and blogging in one day, why not shorten the list? Do article marketing on Monday, forum posting on Tuesday, blogging on Wednesday, and then spread out the rest of the methods through the week. This way, you'll be more organized and have less stress when you work.

Should you only focus on 1 technique a day? No, you can do more if you'd like. But, it is definitely a better way to start working, rather than trying to do everything all at once, which will likely cause you to pull out your hair and scream bloody murder. Plus, it's just more effective when you center your focus around one thing as opposed to many things.

Tip 80: Be Patient!

Generating web site traffic is not an overnight process, so don't expect overnight results. It doesn't matter if you've worked hours upon hours on your website or on the techniques you are using, you won't see results as soon as you are done. Admittedly, there are techniques that can generate traffic overnight, but they aren't lasting techniques and they won't sustain you're website for very long.

So, as I have said in this tip and many others.....

Be Patient. The Website Traffic will arrive in time!


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