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Tip 9: Choose Good Page Titles!

Believe it or not, page titles do contribute toward your overall website traffic. If you have bad page titles, it won't even matter if your website is covering the hottest products, your incoming website traffic will suffer. The best way to correct this problem is by learning from the highest ranked websites. Do a few Google searches related to your niche and then browse through the top 10 websites that come up.

What do you see? Did the Page Title grab your Attention? What is it that makes the website appealing? Do the links make you feel as though you have to click on them?

By following those who have already made it to the top 10, your journey to the top becomes much easier. Follow their example, but don't copy it. Be original and use your imagination. It doesn't take much to grab the visitor's attention; you just have to know what they want or what they came for.

Make the page titles pop out at your visitors. If a visitor's attention is not captured by your page title, then you may have lost him for good.

Not only do you want the full attention of visitors, but you will also want to get some attention from the search engines. You can easier kill two birds with one stone by adding some strong keywords to your page titles. Grab the attention of both visitors and search engines and the website traffic will flow in by the truckload.

Tip 10: Keyword Research Is More Important Than You Think!

If your a webmaster, then you know that keyword research is very important. Choosing the right keywords can lead to thousands of targeted hits every single month, while choosing the wrong keywords will lead to absolutely nothing. But how seriously do you take your keyword research?

Do you only use overture and other free tools? Well, if you do, then you are short changing yourself big time. Why? Because free tools don't have nearly the same amount of power that paid tools do; plus, they aren't always 100% accurate.

Most free tools don't have any type of "digging" feature. That means they give you the main keyword (and some others) and then you go on your way, end of story. You may get some rare gems every once and awhile, but it won't be anything that packs a serious punch, traffic wise that is.

To get any real use out of your keywords, you are going to have to dig deeper and find keywords and phrases that are highly searched and have low competition. "But I already do that with fre.e tools?" Really? Wow, good for you!

Unfortunately, no. You are either lying to yourself or are just being disillusioned. How do I know? Because I have used free keyword tools before and I know first hand what they do and what they DON'T do.

I'm not saying their worthless, I'm just saying webmasters need the power of a paid keyword tool in order to bring their website quality traffic month after month.

Paying for software and tools is not a cheerful topic. No one wants to spend money on something that they think they don't need. Well, It's a Fact, not an Opinion: You need POWERFUL Keyword Research tools if you want a successful traffic generating website.

If you don't want to shell out a lot of money for one of the many tools out there, then just try Nichebot. You get a Whole 7 Day unrestricted trial for just a Buck. $1 for a Whole week of Keyword research, what more could you ask for?  Nichebot has many different useful tools, so finding keywords won't be a problem. If you don't like it, go back to the free keyword tools and never look back.

Try Nichebot for a Dollar!

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