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Tip 19: Check Your Pages For Broken Links!

We can't always be perfect. Sometimes we just overlook things and then don't realize it until later. Broken links are one of those "things" and they need to be found and corrected immediately.

Generally speaking, broken links are bad for business. Your website won't have a signficiant drop in it's rankings, but it definitely doesn't impress the search engines. Not only does it bother the search engines, but it doesn't sit too well with your visitors either. Too many broken links and they might go elsewhere for the information they need, which is bad for your traffic. Think about it, do you like coming across lots & lots of broken links? Well, your visitors are just like you; they don't like it and they don't want it!

As I said, search engines are not fond of broken links in any way; so if your website is full of them, don't expect a lot of favor. The best thing to do is regularly check your website for broken links. You don't have to check every day, but you should try to check once every two weeks. Finding and correcting those faulty links will make the search engines and the visitors much happier.

"Manually Check Every One of My Pages? Are you crazy?" If I suggested that, then Yes, I would be very crazy. No, you don't have to manually check your webpages. Why? Because there are websites that will do it for you. I have included two of my favorites before.

Link Alarm

Broken Link Finder

Tip 20: Write Testimonials!

Every newsletter publisher, software creator, and E-book author loves to get testimonials. Testimonials help increase confidence in their product or service and that usually leads to more sales and more profit. These people want and NEED your testimonials; so in exchange for one, they will allow you to include your website URL.

If you want to get any real use out of your testimonials, your going to have to write more than "It was Great!" or "Wow! Thanks! I love it!" The key factor in writing a testimonial is to talk about the product or service in detail, while keeping it short and sweet. The result will be one of two outcomes: they love it and decide to publish it on their website OR they "appreciate" it and add it to their "stockpile".  It  really just depends on what you say and how well you say it.

Write a couple of sentences that get to the point and highlight the attributes of the product/service, include your link with the testimonial, send it to them, and then move on. If they like it, they'll use it, case closed.

Testimonials can be good for little spurts of website traffic, especially when added to up & coming, popular websites or products. However, don't get too carried away with testimonials because they won't generate enough traffic to sustain your website. Testimonials are an extra stream of website traffic, not a main stream!

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