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Tip 7: Boost Your Self-Esteem!

This tip goes hand in hand with the last one. Having a good self-esteem level is crucial to your traffic driving efforts. Quite honestly, it's important in every aspect of your life. Don't put yourself down for not completing a goal or not getting the days work done. You are already working towards your goals and that is enough to give yourself a pat on the back.

Is this an excuse to be lazy and use the "Im doing my best" cliche? No, not at all. It's just that things happen and we can't always meet our own expectations. Just do what you can and remember not to let the little things get you down.

Try NOT to compare yourself to the big name websites that are out there either. Thinking "Geez, I will never be able to compete with that type of website!" is not good for your self-esteem; plus, it isn't necessarily true. Those website owners started out just like you, with little experience and a basic website. There was someone at the top when they first started and it's the same situation for you. If you do look at them, smile and say "That Could Be My Website Some Day."

Basically, I'm just saying is to give yourself credit regularly. Remind yourself that you are doing a great job and give yourself a pat on the back every once and awhile. Because the sooner you realize that you are NOT a failure, the better off you & your website will be.

Tip 78: Be Optimistic!

Being optimistic is a great way to get work done. Thinking positive thoughts about the traffic that your website WILL generate is a great way to motivate yourself. Don't slap a smile on your face and then pretend to be optimistic, actually be optimistic.

Believe that you're website is going to succeed.
Believe that all of your efforts are going to yield outstanding results.
Believe that you will have the most popular website over all of your competitors.

Believe that you will make lots of money for all of your hard work.

Believe that visitors are going to love your website and that they will keep coming back for more.

Believe that....well, you get the point.

Whether you are still working on your website, making changes to your website, or are completely finished with your website, always keep a positive attitude. It may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is.

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